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Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer. I am the owner of Jenergy massage. Jenergy massage is not only massage. It’s a whole entire healing experience. I have over 1000 hours in training for massage therapy. My passion is to help others heal their bodies holistically. Our bodies want to heal themselves but sometimes we need a little help from a friend. Some of the massage training I’ve had is in structural massage,craniosacral therapy, Russian massage, shiatsu, Swedish massage, injury massage, reflexology, frozen shoulder, acupressure, Sports massage, trigger point, and lymphatic drainage massage.

Massage therapy has so many benefits! It reduces anxiety and headaches and increases the blood and lymph circulation. It takes strain off connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments. Studies have shown improvements with massage therapy in people who suffer with insomnia, and improvement with people who have multiple sclerosis. It reduces stress, pain, and tension. Massage also helps people who have cellulitis.

The benefits of massage go above and beyond. I’ve only named a few of them. You’ll be able to experience for yourself the wonderful benefits after receiving your massage. It’s important to pick the right therapist; someone who is professional and licensed, with a caring heart. Hey! I think that sounds like me! You’re in good hands with Jenergy massage.

My regular business hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM. Evenings and weekends upon request. I am by appointment-only so giving me a week’s notice or a couple of days notice is always best.

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Lymphatic Massage

When the lymph system works well, we feel healthy and have a strong defense against illness. When it’s sluggish or blocked – say after surgery or an injury – we can have swelling, feel tired, and be more susceptible to colds and infections.

This treatment is to help move the lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system. The average human body has anywhere between 400 to 700 lymph nodes in the body. The more lymph nodes you have, the healthier the body will be. Whether you have 400 or 700 in your body, it’s important to get the lymphatic fluid moving. Only 30% of our lymphatic fluid can be moved through exercise. We need to manually move the fluid towards the heart. The lymphatic system cleans and removes waste from interstitial spaces in the body. It also strengthens the immune system and helps the digestion system eliminate fat molecules from food. Lymphatic fluid is carried through lymphatic vessels to the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are essentially where the fluid gets cleaned and waste is eliminated.

This treatment aids in moving the lymphatic fluid along towards the heart. Everything is done in upward motions towards the heart. People who have cancer or high blood pressure can benefit greatly from lymphatic treatment. Also people who have autoimmune disease, lupus, MS, type one diabetes, or cellulitis will benefit greatly with this lymphatic treatment.

This treatment can be added to your regular massage or it can be its very own session. I truthfully believe that everybody will benefit from getting a lymphatic treatment. When the lymph node itself is clogged up and doesn’t have an opportunity to eliminate the waste, problems will manifest. So we need to manually move the fluid and that’s what I’m here to help you with. I am a licensed professional massage therapist. I also have certification in lymphatic drainage massage.

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